Natural Ways To Improve Your Skin

Natural Ways To Improve Your Skin

When it comes to achieving naturally clear, glowing skin, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful complexion. However, there are natural remedies that you can implement to combat skin imperfections. And we're here to reveal them.

Stay active

Keeping fit and active is not only great for your overall health, but it also helps to improve the condition of your skin. Exercising promotes blood circulation, which improves skin pigmentation, signs of pre-mature aging, and may even reduce blemishes. Additionally, working out reduces stress which in turn encourages healthy skin. This leads us to our next topic:

Limit stress levels

High-stress levels can negatively impact your skin. When you're stressed out, your body produces more oil than usual, leading to flare-ups and breakouts. To keep these blemishes at bay, try implementing some stress-reducing activities in your daily routines, such as yoga or meditation. Or if yoga isn't your thing, you can:

Sweat it out

Sweat sessions are great for your skin. Through sweating, you're able to clear out toxins that help reduce the appearance of acne on the surface of your skin. Not only does perspiration unclog pores, but it also hydrates and nourishes cells making them more resilient against infections and irritation.

The Mihigh Infrared Sauna Blanket encaptures all of the benefits of a traditional sauna without the hassle of leaving the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, one of the significant benefits of the sauna blanket is better skin. Through the deep sweat that the infrared sauna induces, you can remove dirt, debris, and toxins from your skin that a vigorous cleansing routine still wouldn't reach. The increased blood flow to the body also means more oxygen & nutrients to the skin, which helps with collagen production & skin tightness over time.

So here's your permission to invest in yourself and:

Indulge in a self-care practise

Self-care can look different to everyone. For some, it might mean taking a relaxing bath with lavender oil. While for others, it could be something more invigorating, like going for a nature walk or spending time outdoors. What's important is that you find an activity that allows you to de-stress and unwind. This will help improve the overall condition of your skin in the long run.

(Our self-care routine involves 30 minutes in the sauna blanket, listening to a podcast or relaxing music followed by a lovely shower and a bit of a pamper sesh with our favourite skincare products.)

Find products that work for you

The products you use on your skin can make a massive difference in its overall condition. So if you are prone to breakouts, find products that help combat them. And if you have sensitive skin, look for hypo-allergenic or all-natural options as they will be less likely to irritate your complexion and cause flare-ups.

Get your beauty sleep

We all know that getting enough sleep is essential for our overall health, but it's also great for our skin! When we're well-rested, our cortisol levels are lower, which means there is less inflammation throughout the body. This includes inflammation on the surface of your skin, which can lead to blemishes and other complexion issues. So, do yourself and your skin a favour. Treat it to the best care possible and reap all of the benefits!

Eat a balanced diet

One of the best ways to ensure glowing, clear skin is through your diet. What you put into your body determines its overall health, so make sure you're eating a well-balanced diet full of fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and complex carbs. Where possible, avoid processed foods as they are filled with sugar, which can worsen acne.

Stay hydrated

If you want healthy, dewy-looking skin, you need to make sure that you're drinking enough water each day! Dehydration not only makes your skin look dull and cracked, but it also leads to inflammation which is one of the leading causes of breakouts. So drink up and your skin will thank you for it.

So there you have it! Some simple but effective ways to improve your skin using natural remedies. We hope you'll give some of them a try and enjoy the results. And if you're looking for an easy way to sweat out those toxins and keep your skin healthy and glowing, be sure to check out our Mihigh Infrared Sauna Blanket.

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