October 23, 2019 2 min read

So, you’ve taken a couple of infrared saunas, and now you’ve got a MiHIGH infrared sauna blanket. 

A lot of our customers ask us when the best time to use the blanket is, or how it works with a wellness routine.

We thought the best way to answer this question would be letting one of our customers walk you through a day in the life with the MiHIGH blanket.

Meet Margie. Margie is a businesswoman, wife and mother who runs a PR consultancy and a yoga practice. 

We’ll let Margie take it from here…


What does a morning using the MiHIGH Blanket look like?

For the past few years, my morning routine has always been centred around meditation and movement. 

Some yoga and stillness of the mind works wonders!

On days where I have a little more time and feel like a big high, I add my MiHIGH blanket into the routine. 

The great thing about the blanket is the fact you are lying down while using it.

This means while I’m in the infrared sauna blanket, I can close my eyes and spend the 20 - 40 minutes meditating while soaking up a ton of health benefits. 

The feeling I get after jumping out of the blanket is better than a hit of caffeine. I describe it as a loving, clean energy. It’s honestly the perfect way for me to start the day.

I can jump into a cold shower and go make the most of my day. 

Do you ever use the blanket during the day?


My schedule is very hectic throughout the day that I prefer to use the blanket in the morning or evening. 

How do you use it in the evening?

When I first got the blanket that’s how I would end stressful days.

I would always use the blanket as a way to calm my body and mind.

After a good 30 minutes in the blanket, you just feel like you’ve put your body through a calming workout. 

When I get out of the cold shower afterwards, I feel even better. I feel like a new woman again!

My sleep is also incredible afterwards.


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